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Training at Socr@t-s, who is it for?

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Before talking about training in Socr@t-s, let’s talk about the tool. Socr@t-s is the most reliable and powerful psychometric test to map the personality and learned behavior of young people and professionals in operational or low-seniority positions. By using this tool, you save money, time and energy, taking people management to another level. This means having the confirmation or denial of what your intuition as an interviewer is telling you.

Do you want to know more about this solution and take it to your company? Keep reading this article!

Who is the Socr@t-s course for?

The Socr@t-s course is recommended for HRs, coaches, mentors, psychologists, executives in strategic positions, entrepreneurs and professionals in order to improve their selection, development, movement and succession processes.

Socr@t-s can be applied as a guide at different times, such as:

  • Selection;
  • Potential Mapping;
  • Succession planning (starting at the entry level at the most basic levels);
  • Vocational guidance, from 16 years old;
  • Tailored retention and development.
Training in Socr@t-s, who is it for?
Image 1 – Training in Socr@t-s, who is it for?

Our training at Socr@t-s

Training can be done in open classes, for those who are already trained in L.A.B.E.L. Classes are small, with a maximum of 10 participants. We do this to ensure the quality of learning, maintaining close and continuous contact with each other during classes. So spaces fill up quickly.

For those who are already qualified in L.A.B.E.L., training in Socr@t-s is faster, due to the similarity between the instruments and because both are part of our training in the functional method. But when a company needs to qualify a greater number of professionals, our recommendation is to hire an exclusive in-company group, in the traditional format.

Scope of training

Once enrolled in the Socr@t-s module, the journey begins before the first class:

  • Realization of Socr@t-s;
  • Previous study of an anonymous profile.

The journey deepens during the course:

  • Application and differentials of Socr@t-s;
  • Specific control indices;
  • Learned behavior;
  • Level of convergence between personality and acquired skills;
  • Space for questions in real time. All participants keep the camera on and the microphone can be activated to ask questions or make comments at any time during the class period;
  • Fixation exercises. During the class, practical exercises are carried out to ensure the understanding and fixation of the content.

The journey continues after the course:

  • Learning benchmark test. At the end of the training, participants undergo a test to confirm their aptitude in using the tool;
  • Support in sensitive cases;
  • Exchange group via WhatsApp.

Why do training at Socr@t-s?

The time has come to complement your training, expand the possibilities and go beyond!

Take training at Socr@t-s and take your people management to another level, making sure that all levels of the organization are covered, from top to bottom, increasing precision when it comes to putting people in the right places and avoiding turnover by mistake of hiring or promotion.

Published in April 2022.

AUTHOR [Danielle Amate]