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The benefits of Profile Mapping

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Knowing what a test or profile mapping is and what is essential for it to really work, the next step is to know the advantages for the professional as well as the company and the leaders who have the mapping of their team in hand.

Advantages for the professional

  • Self knowledge. Those who know each other can thus make choices that are more coherent with their own profile and with their natural abilities. Working with what is suffered makes everyday life a displeasure and Monday a burden #Monday.
  • Career planning focused on happiness rather than social status. Those who go with the flow, choose a path just because others are doing it, the market is on the rise or due to external pressure, walks in the dark and has as many chances to get it right as it does wrong. By knowing their own profile, the professional certainly has subsidies to make more conscious decisions.
  • Escape from trap proposals. There is a proposal that is beautiful, it seems perfect for you. Job name, location, nice boss, respected company… so impossible to go wrong? Deciding before knowing the day-to-day activities, obstacles and difficulties and analyzing this in the face of its nature, the chance of going wrong is likely to be great. When the real work begins, the glamor ends and the reality finally begins. Knowing their own profile, the professional is able to identify possible risks and inconveniences beforehand, avoiding or buying the burden with complete clarity.

Benefits of profile mapping for companies

  • Cost and effort. There’s a candidate who looks perfect. But without knowing who the person really is, without going beyond the veneer of an interview or handpicked photos for social networks, many tend to fall apart when the work really begins. He was so good in the interview, spoke well, told so many nice things and now I found out that he only did what the old manager told him to do… And you hired him thinking that the guy would do it regardless of anyone telling him to? He chipped. Mapping the profile beforehand reduces the risk of hiring the wrong one, which certainly generates considerable budget savings.
  • Delivery of results. Who has the right profile integrates quickly, in the blink of an eye the team starts saying ‘wow, it looks like he’s been here for years!’. The guy without the necessary profile looks like a car with a weak engine on the way up, he even accelerates a lot but only goes up burning a tire and insisting on that, then it crashes. By doing the profile mapping, the company brings the right guy, which means faster integration, starting faster to bring results.
  • Succession pipeline. When mapping the profile and knowing that the professional can do what is necessary for the position in question and has the potential for next steps, it is known that with that hiring the succession pipeline will also be met.

Advantages for the leader

  • Customized management. Human beings have similar basic needs (food, sleep, the so-called basic needs), while the rest (dreams, desires, personality) are usually quite different. Knowing the particularities of the profile, the manager can manage each team member in a unique way, customized to their nature and needs, using the Y-shaped career in their favor. This greatly increases engagement, satisfaction, commitment and, consequently, retention.
  • Consistent movement. Knowing each profile, the manager avoids losing his best technician and gaining the worst generalist. So the promotion becomes a real gift instead of being destructive.
  • Formation of complementary teams. If the whole team is good in attack, the defense is unattended and vice versa. Knowing each profile, the leader can and should compose a team that is complementary, where each star has its space and meets a specific need with mastery.

Posted in August 2022.

AUTHOR [Danielle Amate]