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Potential Mapping

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Do I need a potential assessment?

Is your company in crisis? Growing? Need to prepare the succession? Are you struggling to retain talent or do you need help to know how to develop key people? Think you know who’s talent, but then realize there’s been a mistake? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the potential assessment will bring you the answers.

Most development efforts focus on improving what the professional lacks or has little to offer weaknesses. However, the opportunity to highlight and give strength to what is best developed in each one is neglected, which facilitates their achievement of goals – their strengths, their greatest potential.

Potential Mapping is the tool that actually directs people to the right places within the organization. This is critical since executing the recommendations increases business productivity by at least 48%.

Potential Assessment with People & Results, what are the differentials?

Experience. More than 4,600 mapped since 2010. From different industries, seniorities and relevance for the generation of GDP in Brazil. We serve the most renowned investment funds, executive board and councils.

Precision. There are many tools, only the L.A.B.E.L. gauges true potential with no room for manipulation.

Depth. We go far beyond an overview of each mapped. We analyzed 102 personality traits and compared the results with 21,168 thousand C-level executives, when the test is applied in Brazil.

In which situation is this service recommended?

  • Directing people to the right places
  • Get more right in the selection
  • Promote right
  • Have real successors
  • Increase readiness


[Potential Mapping]

About the project stages


What? Why? When? Like? Who? At where? In the conversation with the participants, these and other questions are answered.
L.A.B.E.L. tool that provides the base data for the analysis.
Sharing strengths and gaps, alternatives to compensate for them, area of action with greater adherence, paths to avoid and to seek.
Discussion of adherence to current position, potential for future challenges, areas of best performance.
Overview of the mapped leadership pipeline, potential level, hierarchical level and competence. Structure considerations. Recommendations for dealing with short, medium and long term succession gaps.
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