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Potential Mapping

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Do I need a potential assessment?

Is your company in crisis? Growing up? Do you need to prepare the succession? Are you struggling to retain talent or do you need help to figure out how to develop key people? Hired or promoted someone believing they were talented but realized there was a mistake? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the potential assessment will provide answers to help you make future organizational decisions in the right direction.

Most organizations continue to focus their professional development efforts on what they need to improve on what they lack and offer little. However, the opportunity to highlight the professional’s strengths is overlooked. Where he or she stands out the most and develops best is what facilitates reaching goals, in short: his strengths are his greatest potential.

Potential Mapping is the tool that guides professionals to the right positions within the organization. This is critical, as executing the recommendations increases business productivity by at least 48%.

But what makes People & Results different in Potential Assessment?

Experience. More than 8 000 professionals mapped since 2010. We work with different small and medium-sized industries in many parts of the world. Many of our clients are currently in Brazil and other Latin-American countries.

Precision. We use the Swiss tool L.A.B.E.L. which allows having an accurate result and without risk of manipulation during the mapping process.

Depth Analysis. We analyzed 102 personality traits and compared the results with the reference population of C-level executives in the local market. The respondent can choose the language of his/her preference. People & Results works with English, Spanish, Portuguese and French languages.

Proximity. Our products are delivered 100% online.

In which situation is this service recommended?

  • Directing people to the right places
  • Get more right in the selection
  • Promote right
  • Have real successors
  • Increase readiness


[Potential Mapping]

About the project stages


What? Why? When? Like? Who? At where? In the conversation with the participants, these and other questions are answered.
The L.A.B.E.L. is the tool that provides the base data for the analysis.
Sharing strengths and gaps, alternatives to compensate for them, area of action with greater adherence, paths to avoid and to seek.
Discussion of adherence to current position, potential for future challenges, areas of best performance.
Overview of the mapped leadership pipeline, potential level, hierarchical level and competence. Structure considerations. Recommendations for dealing with short, medium and long term succession gaps.
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