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Profile evaluation, what is it?

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What is profile evaluation? To explain what a profile assessment is, it is first necessary to understand what profile is being talked about, and then to understand what your assessment would be.

What profile are you talking about?

The profile can be clinical or professional, intelligence, learning, personality, behavior. This list tends to be quite long indeed. When talking about a profile in the world of work, it is usually the personality profile or behavior profile, or even combinations of the same theme.

What is profile evaluation?
Image 1 – What is profile evaluation?

As already published in other articles here on the blog, personality is the essence of the individual, formed in childhood and usually constant throughout life. Behavior is learned and developed throughout life with each new challenge, refusal, success and error. In short, behavior has more room for adjustment and evolution than personality.

More important is what Gallup discovered a few years ago about where the biggest room for evolution is. When there is a desired behavior, if it is part of the personality, its development potential is 11 times greater than the learning of what is contrary to the individual’s nature. That is, mapping learned behavior to see if the person ‘can do it’, pays little attention to how much ‘doing it’ happens in fits and starts.

However, when mapping the personality, it is possible to know exactly how far the person can reach with elegance in action, the so-called flow zone.

Profile evaluation

Profile assessment is primarily carried out as a complementary part of team selection and allocation processes. There is usually a ‘desired profile’ and each person being evaluated is compared to this ideal, thus reaching a higher or lower level of adherence.

Unfortunately not every profile test works, much less does what it promises to do. There are basic precautions to ensure that the profile test works. Without this the chance of evaluating meters and finding that the measurement is in feet distorting all results can be immense.

Published in September 2022.

AUTHOR [Danielle Amate]