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Mentoring, Coaching, Therapy and Career Guidance, what's the difference?

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Since it is to understand the difference between mentoring, coaching, therapy and career guidance, let’s start with a hypothetical situation. A man was walking along a forest path and got lost. It had the battery to make a single call and the telephone number of a professional in each specialty.

So, learn how each of these specialties would contribute to this hypothetical problem:

  • COACH – He asks open questions where you access his repertoire to find answers. For example: ‘What do you want? So what are the alternatives? So which path will you choose?’;
  • MENTOR – He shares his experience. For example: ‘This has happened to me before. That’s why I used a compass. In fact, there is no shortcut, just a thorn over there’;
  • THERAPIST – He asks about what happened and his personal history.
    For example: ‘What happened? How did you get there? (your father, mother, your childhood)’;
  • CAREER ADVISOR – He maps your essence and asks about your reality x your profile. For example: ‘Is this exactly the kind of thing you like to do most in your day-to-day life? To answer precisely, let’s analyze your strengths… In this sense, your profile shows that choosing another career format would be more in line with your nature. That way you would not be lost.


Then analyze the comparison of the 4 techniques:

ROOFBusiness, career or transition issuesPerformance, challenges, resources and change issuesHealth issues and strengthening emotional balanceCareer direction, some do it by maximizing strengths
FOCUSPossibilitiesActions, results, growth, personal developmentDifficult subjective phases, personal empowermentSelf-knowledge and application of tools
PRIORITYPast, present and futurePresent and futurePastPast, present and future
DEALS WITHHow to act on a personal or career issueHow to act considering what you want to achieve, co-creating solutionsBecause you act, feel, think one way. How to change to have more comfort and emotional maturityWho are you, where do you stand out, how to reposition your career

Now list your current challenges, people and professionals. Then mark for each of them the best technique to be used.

Are you still in doubt? Then get in touch and let’s talk about you.

AUTHOR [Maria Candida Baumer de Azevedo]