[Potential mapping and
leverage returns
for you and your company
to grow]

[Provocamos consciência,
ressignificamos talentos
conectando pessoas e equipes
com a sua felicidade maximizando resultados.]

[Passo a passo de como cuidar da carreira]

[Sua carreira e a crise, o que fazer?
Caminhos preciosos para cuidar
da carreira nesse momento.]

[Sua empresa está reagindo proativamente
ou só se lastima e conta as horas para voltar ‘ao normal’?]

[DEMISSÕES, como demitir sem destruir?
Caminhos para guiar sua conduta
nesse momento delicado preservando
a marca da sua empresa.]

Saiba como uberizar sua carreira]


Career Consulting and Organizational Culture

Happy people and healthy cultures generate exponential results

We raise awareness, give new meaning to talent and connect people and teams with their happiness, maximizing results.


We see the human being in a complete way. We are on your side at each stage, guiding you and supporting your choices with accurate and consistent answers. FIND OUT MORE


Does your team have the potential to deliver the next challenges? Do you have successors to secure the future of your business? What is the impact of culture on your company’s continuity? FIND OUT MORE


Career and Organizational Culture Consulting Service

Our products encourage people and teams to connect with happiness. We faithfully believe that this combination maximizes results. And, to offer this scenario, we are guided by methodologies that offer a deep integrated vision and we take transparency as a fundamental value. Career and Culture is the environment in which our know-how emerges with greater accuracy, both of which demand personality analysis, our expertise. Discover all our services and understand how we can contribute to you and/or your company.




Nosso time é especializado e munido de ferramentas para apoiar pessoas
e companhias a alcançar os melhores resultados, considerando a
personalidade e seus pontos de destaque como chave mestra.


If it is at work that we spend most of our life, it is in it that we must seek to be happy. Our team sees human beings in a complete way and we know that their relationship with work goes through several stages and that they have a lot to do with their personality and moment in life. FIND OUT MORE


We believe that the future of business is related to the ability of companies to question themselves. What return would my team give if they trusted each other? What is the impact of culture on business continuity? FIND OUT MORE

What is a priority for your company today?

01. Get more right in the selection
Is your hit level in hiring 50%? When you don't hire wrong, is the guy just average? Do you have difficulty improving this with speed and low cost?
02. Promote right
Have you been promoting great experts and sticking with mediocre managers? Did you promote wrong now the guy is expensive? Is your company turning into a sea of interims to test before promoting?
03. Have real successors
Have your gold talents reached a plateau started to rate? Does your succession pipeline look like Swiss cheese? Is it difficult to hit on a successor to stand up to the brilliant president?
04. Increase readiness
Do you have high potential people and don't have the time or expertise to accelerate development? Your high potentials have fallen farther than you have been able to vent and there is an imminent risk of loss.

Reach the fullest potential with our services

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