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Potential Mapping – Baraúna

Baraúna is an investment company with assets in different industries that invests long-term capital from a restricted group of Brazilian family offices.


According to André Perosa, president of Baraúna, ‘our business is a people’s business, this is how we generate value in our investments and in our talents here’. As investment theses started to become real businesses, it was necessary to increase the knowledge of the team and have a vision of the overall competencies of the team. In what position and type of challenges would each one bring better results?


People & Results’ choice came from a recommendation. André wanted to map the team’s personality to identify future potential in this way. After analyzing different instruments, he then opted for the L.A.B.E.L. for the depth and robustness of the results.

The project then started with an INFORMATIVE TALK where all those mapped were presented to the project, schedule, objectives, the L.A.B.E.L., its key concepts (personality x potential, management by strengths, control indexes x validity of responses). Then, each person received in their email instructions to access the platform and respond to the instrument. According to the L.A.B.E.L. was being answered, we made contact with the delicate cases to rephrase or confirm nuances.

Afterwards, each mapped person received an individual feedback lasting an hour and a half. This feedback began with a visit to the individual’s personal and professional trajectory in order to deepen the understanding of the sources of satisfaction and discomfort of each experience. Finally, André was introduced to the team’s individual and consolidated results, with recommendations for direction, movement, development and structure adjustment.

Case published in December 2019


CUSTOMER FEEDBACK According to André, the result resonated with everyone who did it. It helped him gain insights into the team’s location and development. “It caught my attention how assertive the methodology is. You can really see in the DNA, the personality of people. It’s a very assertive method. The feedbacks were very profound and other people here thought so too. The only difficulty it generated was a certain anxiety on the team, but that is natural.”

Potential Mapping accelerated some evolutionary processes, the creation of a group feeling. “We are always in the process of evolution, and this ferment has contributed a lot. I even think about using some other time in the future within the company, even for new projects.”

They entrust their culture & career processes to us