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Luis Broggi – Career Orientation Case

Luiz came to us while taking the 360 Leadership course at FGV. In his first year of graduation he realized that graduation alone wouldn’t get him very far.

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She always wanted to learn. Uncertain whether he was getting it right or wrong in his career, Luiz realized a need to seek help to make small adjustments in his professional journey.

At each Career Orientation session he was made to ‘think outside the box’. Which led him to think that he had never really invested in his social network.

He was looking for a professional relocation and expanding the relationship network was one of the main points to change. So Luiz did his homework to find and map old colleagues to rejoin his network, increasing his contacts on LinkedIn.

This was an exercise he was not used to doing, but it was one of the ways that opened doors for him, bringing results that he had not known before. In the end Luiz realized that he was not that far from his goal, at the end of the process, he had the chance to try new opportunities in different areas, expanding his knowledge.


With a resume restructuring, he managed to ‘sell’ better, and obtained good results.

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