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Henri Karam – Career Orientation Case

Henri has 24 years of professional experience, having worked for the Bandeirantes group, CNN Brasil, Rede Globo and Record TV. He has traveled to practically every state in Brazil and to over 40 countries in search of good stories.

Henri holds a degree in journalism with a specialization in telejournalism, communication and media studies from USP and a postgraduate degree in editorial management from ESPM. He was Band’s international correspondent in China and South Africa and special envoy to produce a documentary on the Iraq war in 2005, being the only TV crew in the southern hemisphere to show the location where the US military claims to have captured Saddam Hussein.

In 2019, Henri decided to leave Grupo Bandeirantes to help implement CNN in Brazil. It was at this moment that he contacted us in order to reflect on his career and define the next steps. Since then, following with us, monitoring the evolution of his career, discussing each new project, the last being, becoming an entrepreneur.

During his process at People & Results, he discovered his entrepreneurial profile. So Henri Karam decided to face up to the entrepreneurship universe and founded Content Tec, a content marketing company that serves large clients like Magazine Luiza.


“I felt the need to do something different within the communication area. For 5 months, I spoke with people from the most diverse areas: financial market, startups, retailers and technology companies! The idea was to better understand the opportunities outside a newsroom TV. At the end of 2019 I made the decision to leave my position as director at CNN Brasil to have more time and invest in new projects.”

They entrust their culture & career processes to us