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Fábio Higa, Career Orientation case

Fabio, an engineer by training, started his career as an intern at a large automobile multinational. He established his career in manufacturing until he started to question himself about what he really liked. He shared this concern with a friend who referred People & Results.

Networking do I need to do?

Fabio came to us not knowing exactly what he wanted to do. He was surprised by the profile mapping that resulted in interesting discoveries about his great abilities in an area totally unknown to him. This surprise led him to question whether manufacturing was the area that would make him most happy and satisfied. Fábio did not want to leave the company, but he knew he could have a lot of results in other areas of greater interest.

However, how to do this within the company? Where to start? Networking is the answer. With us he learned to use his internal relationship network. There were several lunches and conversations investigating the areas that his personality mapping had indicated as having the greatest adherence.

In addition, Fábio also performed exercises recommended by us to expand his external relationship network. With this, he spoke with key people in his areas of affinity and could see in practice how the different verticals work. Fabio is very shy and reserved, so the challenge of expanding the network was great.

Eight years later, Fábio was promoted, changed areas, took courses and we received flowers from his wife, thanking her for seeing her husband happy again! It’s priceless!


Fabio managed, through internal contacts, to make the career transition to the commercial area, which was his great desire!

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