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Elias Lopes – Career Guidance Case

Elias is a Planning and Transport Manager at a large company. He came to us as he had just assumed a leadership position and understood that he needed mentoring to deal with the difficulties of this new role.

What prompted Elias to turn to People & Results?

Elias’ story is similar to the story of some other customers who come to us on a daily basis. Whoever looks at it from the outside, position, salary and sequence of promotions, thinks that Elias’ career is an example of success and achievement. When he came to us he had just assumed a leadership position and understood that he needed mentoring to deal with the difficulties of this new role.


All career processes around here start with personality mapping. If the next step was mentoring, we would know exactly which points to prioritize so that learning Elias would be enjoyable and relevant. But not always what the customer demands is what he actually needs. With the personality mapping in hand, we found that Elias had been reacting to the professional world and making socially adequate choices, but far removed from his nature.

His career choice was influenced by unstated vocational testing and family pressure. Once working, even in the companies most desired by most Brazilian professionals, he felt inside like a fish out of water. But he was still being promoted. So for all intents and purposes he didn’t have a problem. But with the passage of time, the feeling of displeasure, suffering and inadequacy became unbearable and changing companies seemed to be the best solution. After many changes and occupying leadership chairs, he understood that he needed outside help to better manage his daily life.

Increasing self-awareness

When doing the L.A.B.E.L. the results indicated that other aspects of Elias’ life also needed to be revisited, such as his relationship with reference family figures that impact his self-perception, confidence and self-assurance.
In a respectful and very frank conversation, we recommend looking for other parallel processes to deal with family and childhood issues that, however hidden in employment contracts, profoundly influence your ability to realize your full potential. The systemic family constellation was part of this process.

“If you are open to understanding a little more about yourself and your connections, the constellation process can help you. For me it was a moment of reflection and self-knowledge. Some questions and concerns were unveiled in a way since the first constellation. It strengthens you. It’s like therapy, but it’s more about connections and bonds than just you. We’re influenced by the way we live and understanding that flow is important. It has opened some doors in my life. “. After you leave them face the world head on and with serenity once you know yourself better.”

In addition to the constellation, we recommend that Elias talk to people from different stages of his life. With this activity he was able to visualize his ups and downs, points of congruence and repetition of patterns, in an intense and rich process of feedback.

Leaving for a safer future

Completing the personality mapping, we found that Elias looked at vacancies on impulse, without it really was time to look for another job. He embarked on invitations from multinational companies, believing they were structured organizations. But this was not always true. And according to his profile, the lack of process wears him down and reduces his ability to contribute. The initial demand for leadership mentoring was replaced by a robust and revealing process of self-knowledge.

Elias now knows what his strengths are and is already working on prioritizing them. He is more focused and more focused on his goals and where to focus his energy, and is also aware of the anchors he must leave behind. In addition, Elias is resuming the project of advancing his academic career in parallel. This is something he’s been thinking about since graduating and putting it aside in the past, but for which he found he had a lot of potential.


“Before, I worked on weaknesses and started working on strengths. I found out that I’m the backstage guy, but as companies hang around the stage, every year I tried to develop public speaking. I understand that this takes a lot of my energy. The stage is not something I want to develop, that was very striking in the feedback and I’m going to change it. “

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