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Carolina Hata, Career Orientation case

Choosing a career or even what to study is a necessary reflection process. Bringing clarity to our strengths and our gray areas are critical for these choices to be based on what will make us happy, lead us to our purpose.

Making right choices!

Carolina Hata came to us in 2014 with a feeling of dissatisfaction in her career, as well as with the choices she had made. She sensed that something was wrong, she felt she wasn’t finding herself in her activities. She ended up choosing a college under the influence of people close to her, not sure if that was what she was supposed to do.

As time went by, she became more and more unhappy. That’s why she sought a postgraduate degree at Fundação Dom Cabral. She believed that this way she would do something different and return to feeling engaged with her work. During her post, Carolina met Maria Candida, our partner and professor at FDC, who introduced her to a different way of looking at her career. Carolina was then very excited to be able to find out what she could really do.

Carolina then hired the Career Orientation process, which has now become a case! It was through this process that she got to know more about her personality. Carolina says that she was very surprised, she discovered her strengths with precision. This made it clear why she was dissatisfied with her career. Her profile was very different from what was required in the position she then occupied. Because of this dissonance, she spent most of her time walking on eggshells, playing a character. This effort, when daily, depletes energy, leading to exhaustion. With the L.A.B.E.L. Carolina figured out how to invest in her strengths.

Right after the mapping, Carolina felt safer to talk to her manager. This resulted in significant career changes, more suited to her personality.

After 5 years, Carolina has established herself as a CRM and market intelligence executive. With experience in different industries and contributing more consistently to these companies, today she declares herself in love with what she does!


And have you ever stopped to think about your career choices?

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