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Career Consulting and Organizational Culture

Happy people and healthy cultures generate exponential results

We raise awareness, give new meaning to talent and connect people and teams with their happiness, maximizing results.



The career guidance service is recommended for anyone who has difficulty seeing next career steps or is unhappy with their work.



Potential Mapping is the tool that aims to direct people to the right places within the organization.



Career and Organizational Culture Consulting Service

Our products encourage people and teams to connect with happiness. We faithfully believe that this combination maximizes results. And, to offer this scenario, we are guided by methodologies that offer a deep integrated vision and we take transparency as a fundamental value. Career and Culture is the environment in which our know-how emerges with greater accuracy, both of which demand personality analysis, our expertise. Discover all our services and understand how we can contribute to you and/or your company.




Our time is known for tools for people and their highlights as a master personality.

[Maria Candida]
Master in organizational culture and doctoral student in parallel careers.
[Mauricio Molinete]
Economist from UFPR, postgraduate degree from PUC-PR and master's degree from UQUAM – Canada.
[Rejane Rubio]
Psychologist, with specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Master in Business Administration from Mackenzie.
[Fernanda Freitas]
Graduated in Business Management and student of Business Management and Innovation at Fatec Sebrae.
[Karina Granadier]
[Patricia Tavares]
Administrator, master and doctorate from FGV-SP.
[Gabriela Caiuby]
Psychologist graduated from PUC-SP, master from EADA-Spain.
[Danielle Amate]
Public Relations at UEL and postgraduate in Digital Influence.
[Ariane Watanabe]
Advertising, business management specialist.

Who have we impacted?

“Curious and eager to understand the entire production process, journalism was not enough for his professional satisfaction. He also discovered with us, in the profile mapping process, the need to always have challenges and learn new things because these were his most outstanding characteristics. Which led him to accumulate experience in the areas of engineering, team integration (TV and digital), people and budget management, programming planning and audience strategies. It was this curiosity that led him to seek an even greater challenge.”


“I was very happy, because there were new discoveries that I had to make, new works that I had to develop, and some challenges that were posed to me were very unexpected and I did not imagine this within what was proposed. And that in the end was very satisfying for my development as a person and as a professional and also in the decision I made. I went to a totally different area from where I worked, which was operations and manufacturing and I went to the commercial/purchasing area and I'm still working at Mercedes.”


“For me, self-knowledge is the most powerful tool for transformation, be it professional, personal or social. Knowing yourself, assessing your strengths and weaknesses is the starting point for the journey of change. Undoubtedly, it is necessary in this process to map your personality and measure your potential for continuous improvement. I consider the L.A.B.E.L. the most effective tool in this rediscovery process, effectively pointing out the best path for your intellectual progression. Counting on the seriousness and professionalism of People & Results in this assessment and guidance made a huge difference in the progression of my trajectory, whether as a human being, as a father, as a husband and as a marketing and business leader.”

Luis Broggi

89% of managers have made a mistake when hiring

The difference between the good and excellent performance of a company is in the people. They are the ones who create and improve the products, enchant and captivate the customer, make a dream come true. Discover in this e-Book how to identify real talent





If it is at work that we spend most of our life, it is in it that we must seek to be happy. Our team sees human beings in a complete way and we know that their relationship with work goes through several stages and that they have a lot to do with their personality and moment in life.


We believe that the future of business is related to the ability of companies to question themselves. What return would my team give if they trusted each other? What is the impact of culture on business continuity?

What is a priority for your company today?

01. Get more right in the selection
Is your hit level in hiring 50%? When you don't hire wrong, is the guy just average? Do you have difficulty improving this with speed and low cost?
02. Promote right
Have you been promoting great experts and sticking with mediocre managers? Did you promote wrong now the guy is expensive? Is your company turning into a sea of interims to test before promoting?
03. Have real successors
Have your gold talents reached a plateau started to rate? Does your succession pipeline look like Swiss cheese? Is it difficult to hit on a successor to stand up to the brilliant president?
04. Increase readiness
Do you have high potential people and don't have the time or expertise to accelerate development? Your high potentials have fallen farther than you have been able to vent and there is an imminent risk of loss.

Reach the fullest potential with our services

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